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Wir bedanken uns beim Video-Channel ERZFILM, welcher einen 3-minütigen Imagefilm über unseren Wettbewerb mit einigen interessanten Motiven und Informationen zusammengestellt hat.


a few nice memories ...

The competition ended with a great positive feedback from all participants and we as an association were also able to learn a lot. It was an honour for us to organize this event together with you!
As a reminder of the great time, there are still a few articles which can be ordered on request:

//Bestellfrist leider vorbei

Sonntag, Abreisetag

After a nice final evening, the participants started their journey home and have meanwhile arrived home. The many helpers from the Großrückerswalde Aviation Club have almost returned the airfield and hangars to their normal state.
It was a great experience to host the e2glide. We grew to meet the challenges and, according to the unanimous feedback from the participants, we were good hosts. Thank you very much for the praise!

Sonnabend, 8. Wertungstag

19:00 MESZ
After final dinner we will start the official award ceremony at 8 PM. Please expect some more media snippets over the day, but then the contest will be history.
We were able to show, that electrical engines in gliders allow to increase the flyable season a lot. Security also increases. In the next days we are going to present more info to outline this. So check our webpage also in future.

In the mean time...
...we offer several data for download to better understand the results of each contest day. Here.


12:00 MESZ
Time for a last picture of all participants (+ sports and competition director)

11:00 MESZ
The briefing is over. The sports director found the only flyable window to head eastwards towards the Czech Republic and to move the finish line to LKCH (Chomutov)…. This task created an awkward silence during the briefing before we had to neutralize the day for today ;-). The first rain front is simply too quickly in place and unfortunately cuts the day into two halves that cannot even be flown by FES aircraft.

07:30 MESZ
The briefing hall is set up for the last breakfast on a competition day and will fill up soon. Today we have a tighter schedule, because a front should reach us soon and we definitely want to take advantage of the weather window in front of it. That's why the briefing has been brought forward to 10:30 CEST today.
But first of all: Enjoy your meal.

Freitag, 7. Wertungstag

16:28 MESZ
Preliminary award ceremony for today. Matthew Scutter won, followed by Florian Heilmann and Jan Reineke. 

15:30 MESZ
Attention, new YouTube-Stream because of technical problems.

Before the start line opens at 3:10 p.m. CEST, we get thrilling pictures of the shear waves that have formed today. This allows you to climb far up the front of the magnificent Cumulus. But now it is time to get down, because the starting line is fixed at 1400m. 

14:15 MESZ
The first takeoff ist confirmed to be at 14:15 MESZ.
First takeoff postponed to at least 14:00 MESZ.

13:37 MESZ
The AS34Me has just completed its first self-launch outside of the Huhnrain factory airfield and is immediately “misused” as a thermal sniffer. Immediately afterwards, the DG1001e neo also takes off in aircraft tow launch and provides support.

13:00 MESZ
Currently field briefing. There is a short, tough task in the sunny south to our friends in the Czech Republic. The southern turning points are at Rana and Zatec. Then it goes back over the Erzgebirgskamm over the checkpoint Schloß Wolkenstein to the target band overflight at a minimum of 130m south of the place.

12:30 MESZ
Rigged for the next flight - the brand new AS34Me from Alexander Schleicher Flugzeugbau.

11:50 MESZ
The towing machines are still in the hangar, but will be cleared out soon.

11:45 MESZ
Briefing has been held. Gridding until 1PM, after that the task will be offered.
08:00 MESZ
After a warm front with rain crossed us yesterday evening, cloud-rich sea air apparently flows in. That won't make the day meteorologically easy today, but we'll stick with it and hear what's possible at the briefing at 11:00. With the electric drive systems, you can obviously fly and cover a distance even on days with marginal thermals.
For now, here's a “find” on Instagram: Start of the task yesterday
You can of course also find us on Instagram with own posts.

Donnerstag, 6. Wertungstag

Discussion and stream are running. With Matthew ScutterSkySight), Tilo Holighaus (Schempp-Hirth), Moritz Althaus (weglide.org), Robert Schröder (Vice European Champion 2019), Luka Žnidaršič (CEO LZ Design), Uli Kremer (CEO Alexander Schleicher), Philipp Scheffel (APUSthere are very competent persons on the podium.
The maiden flight of the AS34 has been yesterday. This glider is now in Großrückerswalde and will be visible to the public tomorrow!
From 2021 on the DMSt should be based on weglide.org.
Wünsche für die Zukunft?
Matthew Scutter: Mehr Teilnehmer, faireres Wertungssystem
Tilo Holighaus: Großrückerswalde wahr sehr cool organisiert.
Moritz Althaus: Live scoring
Robert Schröder: Einfacheres Wertungssystem
Luka Žnidaršič: Doppelsitzer sollten teilnehmen
19:30 MESZ
Please follow our livestream panel discussion about the future of electrical gliding starting in a few minutes here.
18:45 MESZ
The preliminary results are online.
15:39:55 MESZ
The first, LL, crossed the finish line. However, with a bit more consumption of permissible energy, so that it is not yet entirely clear whether SAX did not win the race. So it remains exciting now ;-).

15:23 MESZ
LL is now ahead after kilometers, but much lower. X floats “on top of the soup” and thus has advantages. But behind X, TW and 71 are waiting for their chance to fly by. At the moment they are 200m deeper. That's a lot of energy. But maybe there are still reserves in the aircraft's batteries?
15:20 MESZ
The first finishers we expect in about 20 minutes. There is headwind on the last section, but the thermal conditions are still excellent.

14:20 MESZ
The first have mastered the second turn and now fly almost 50 km to the third turn in Sebnitz.

Weather on 2nd part between Schönheide and Litomerice.

13:05 MESZ
The start line is open and time is flying. 25 minutes later the pilots have already reached the first turning point and can now tackle the second section with a tailwind. This is 118km long and leads over the ridge of the Ore Mountains to the south of Usti / Aussig.
12:45 MESZ
Alle competitors have been startet. The race starts 13:05 MESZ.

12:05 MESZ
An international team: Klara Teichmannova in Vampire II tows Giorgio Galetto (Ventus 3F).

12:00 MESZ
First takeoff is confirmed to be 12:00 CET / 10 AM UTC
11:30 MESZ
The briefing gave the pilots a 300km + task. Here the Link zum Glidertracker.

10:45 MESZ
Briefing is about to begin. The first delicate cumulus are already appearing on the ridge of the Ore Mountains. A bigger task is definitely expected today, and that in other regions too.
06:30 MESZ
Good Morning! We are expecting the best day of the competition, which will also end with a panel discussion on the subject of the evaluation of flights with the support of electric drive systems, which will be broadcast live. The panel discussion will start at 8:00 p.m. CEST.

Mittwoch, 5. Wertungstag

16:00 MESZ
E2Glide uses a lot of software and manpower to impress you with an exciting gliding event. A small component of that is "Glidertracker". Although freely available, there is a lot of leisure work behind it and also the material effort to operate the necessary computing technology. We would be very happy if you support the Glidertracker, for example with a Donation to Lukas Lücking. Thank you!

14:40 MESZ
Events have overwhelmed us a little. The first one was already back at 2:40 p.m.: Flo Heilmann with his Silent 2 Elektro won the race today. Very impressive! This will fuel the discussion for tomorrow on how fair rating systems for electric gliders should be designed. Tomorrow evening there will be a panel discussion (with YouTube Lifestream) on exactly this topic.

14:00 MESZ
We are provided with information about the competition from various supporters. Here is a picture of the weather situation near Chemnitz. This is also where we go today.
The first landings are expected for short before 15:00 MEST

13:25 MESZ
The starting line is open and the race is on.

12:15 MESZ
Take offs are on time. Please follow the link for tracking of the gliders.

11:00 MESZ
Briefing beginnt soeben, der Start ist bereits aufgebaut. Der erste Start soll gegen 12:15 MESZ rausgehen.

Link zur Aufgabe

Below in the picture are the (still provisional) winners of yesterday's task - now taking into account the amount of energy consumed. Shortly after landing, at which we each celebrate a small award ceremony, this is sometimes not yet recognizable.

07:00 MESZ
A peaceful picture. (Almost) everyone is still asleep, but today we have the first day with sunshine in the morning. There will definitely be a 3rd day of evaluation.

Dienstag, 4. Wertungstag

17:30 MESZ
Es gibt drei Außenlander, der Rest ist zurück.
Matthew from Australia is the winner once again!

14:25 MESZ
The task is being tackled. Link to Glidertracker

11:00 MESZ
The briefing is running. At the moment we are still evaluating yesterday's day and doing a weather briefing.
The task will not be announced until the field briefing and the start setup is scheduled for 2pm.

07:00 MESZ
A little addendum to yesterday. Unfortunately, the winner's podium was not used, but it was tested anyway. Anita, Jörn and Robert made the test and obviously found the new location to be good.
We hope to see competitors on the podium again today.

Montag, 3. Wertungstag

16:16 MESZ
The day is cancelled. The cloud base is too low and there are already some rain showers building up.

13:30 MESZ
At the moment the gliders getting rigged. The task building is not finished yet.

11:15 MESZ
Currently the briefing with the award ceremony of the first day of the competition is in progress. However, a final decision for today has been postponed.

Sunday, 2. competition day

12:30 MESZ
For many competitors today, the plan is to go to the spa. Some of the other pilots watch the recorded livestream to get a perfect debriefing.

10:00 MESZ
The day is cancelled. neutralisiert werden.

We are currently working on an alternative program for the day.

Saturday, 1. competition day

19:30 MESZ:
The first draft of the scoring is available on >Soaringspot ,we are currently working on some details for final scoring. 

This is the unconfirmed scoring for today.2. Robert Schröder                   1. Matthew Scutter           3. Luka Znidarsic

16:30 MESZ
All gliders are back and most of them are already stored in the trailers. Unfortunately tomorrow looks like we will get a lot of rain.

15:20 MESZ
The first gliders are back.
Two outlanders at the airfield Chemnitz Jahnsdorf.

13:20 MESZ
The first gliders are launching.

11:15 MESZ
Briefing in progress!

Link to Glidertracker with the task

10:00 MESZ
The weather looks flyable and we are currently griding.

still middle high clouds in the vicinity

Friday, 28.08.2020

22:30 MESZ
This is what our first grid will look like tomorrow ...

Both Vamipre came in meanwhile and are ready for the aerotows tomorrow. Vampire FM250 sind inzwischen eingetroffen und stehen ab morgen für die Wettbewerbsschlepps zur Verfügung.

19:30 MESZ
Hey, that was pretty stressful today. We are doing this for the first time and even if it’s not a 100+ participant grid, the participants are top-class, some of the aircraft are brand new, the scoring system has not been tested (distance handicap) and finally the official opening speeches also wanted to be prepared.
Now that part is history and we could hear an official “The competition is on”. 
Tomorrow there will be a first discipline - stay tuned.
And now the day is over for the blog 😉

Der letzte "Anreiser" - Eric Schneider, Winner of the e2glide-Challenge
LAK 17C, eine dank besserer Akkus und etwas höher drehendem Motor eigenstartfähige FES-Variante

13:55 MESZ
First start. "71" takes off. Link zum Tracking.

10:00 MESZ
At today's daily briefing, a small weather window between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. CEST was promised. However, the changing wind and the final checks on the competition aircraft make building the grid a bit tedious.

07:10 MESZ
Everything is still calm, but we have a sunny start, even with a rainbow. So today there will be a little bit of everything ...

07:00 MESZ
Almost all of the participants arrived yesterday evening. The batteries have found a protected charging place and after the storm Kirsten pulled through, the planes could be parked again in calm air.

Donnerstag, 27.08.2020

16:03 MESZ
The first start to complete today's training task is made late, but not too late. Let's see what's possible.
In the meantime, more and more participants are arriving ...
Later we will get a couple of hopefully cool recordings “in the box”. FB, Insta, “MDR Sachsenspiegel” am Sonntag.

15:00 MESZ
A few spectators with equally interesting engine concepts have gathered. We showed them the way into nature again.

14:30 MESZ
Our towing machine backup is ready for use and, as expected, under 8/8 coverage the first Cumulus are forming.

12:30 MESZ
The technical acceptance is in progress. No surprises with the weighings.

10:30 MESZ
Even today, the low pressure system "Kirsten" occupies us in the morning and ensures an overcast sky. In the evening we expect a drier air mass and have therefore decided to offer a short training task against the wind in the flat terrain in the northwest. In the meantime, almost half of the participants have come to face the necessary document check in addition to the technical acceptance.
Außerdem erwarten wir heute noch die ersten Medienteams am Flugplatz, die auch für ein größeres Publikum die Themen unseres doch etwas spezielleren Wettkampfs aufbereiten werden.

Link zur Aufgabe im Glidertracker