The battery technology of the last years has developed rapidly and finally also helped the electrified gliders to a breakthrough. After the first EGLIDE contest in Italy, the E2GLIDE is the second contest worldwide with a purely electrically powered glider fleet where the use of a motor is allowed. Nevertheless, there have been attempts in recent years to combine a combined motor and glider competition in one contest. However, since a few years ago it was not yet possible to fall back on widely available electric drives, combustion engines had to be used. The winner is the pilot who has used the least fuel/energy for a flight from A to B. All information about the Green Speed Cups of the past years can be found here: http://www.greenspeedcup.de/de/

Phillip Scheffel, main initiator of the Green Speed Cup and meanwhile CEO of APUS GmbH, contacted us and was pleased about the initiative we took to promote environmentally friendly aviation. Already in the last years the winner of the Green Speed Cup received the GREEN SPEED Award, endowed with a prize money of 1000€. Now APUS GmbH has agreed to make the winner of the E2GLIDE the winner of this years GREEN SPEED Award! So the winner of the E2GLIDE is entitled to a handsome prize money! 

Phillip Scheffel for the GREEN SPEED Award:
"Every year, the prize honours an outstanding flight of an aircraft and its pilot that was particularly efficient and thus demonstrated new technical or operational potential or was simply trend-setting for the further development of sustainable flying. It is endowed with prize money of EUR 1,000.

The prize winner is determined through central or decentralised competitions. The prize is donated by APUS-Aeronautical Engineering GmbH. This year the winner will be determined at the E2GLIDE competition in Großrückerswalde.

The APUS Group would like to promote topics around energy-efficient travel flying. The aim is to find smart and pragmatic ways to combine gliding with motorised cruising in order to increase travel efficiency.

The prize winners of the past years were:

2011 – Markus Scherdel on Stemme S6RT
2012 – Markus Scherdel on Stemme S10VT
2013 – Klaus Ohlmann on e-genius, World record with 400km electric flight
2014 – Daniel Hirt on DA40TDI
2015 – Holger Massow on D39
2016 - no competition
2017 – Holger Massow on D39
2018 – Stefan Senger on Antares / Werner Scholz on Carat
2020 – ?

In recent years, several scientific achievements have already been made around the GreenSpeedCup. For example, a "thrust compensated variometer" and the "motor glider speed command theory" have been developed, as well as some route planning tools to facilitate flight planning and execution. “