Wertungsschluss E2GLIDE CHALLENGE

The 31.07.2020 represented the last day of the E2GLIDE-CHALLENGE. While a larger number of juniors submitted flights for the challenge shortly after the beginning, the peak quickly emerged after a few weeks. The record weather situation in the first half of July then led to the finalization of the evaluation and consolidation of the overall victory of Eric Schneider from the FSG Hammelburg. Eric is employed as a sports soldier by the Bundeswehr this year. Congratulations to you! With 3 flights beyond the 1000 point mark, including a flight with almost 1300 points, he was able to set himself apart from the competition by over 200 points.

Eric wins the charter fee for the Discus 2c FES of the Wasserkuppe aviation school as well as the towing and participation costs in the competition - many thanks to the Wilfried Großkinsky Foundation for the spontaneous announcement of this unique promotional price! 

The final overall rating can be found here: E2GLIDE-Challenge